There is an imperfect beauty to this land; a mystical presence and ancient simplicity reflected in her buildings, animals, and people that intrigues- and inspires. From an early age, I wandered the fields, mountains, acequias and arroyos of Northern New Mexico with wonder and curiosity, learning to appreciate and respect her rustic beauty... and mysterious secrets. I came to honor centuries old stories told by the old ones- about the old ways before the mindless luxury of power lines and pavement changed the culture, and scarred the landscape. The Power of Spirit was everywhere, her mystery moved through all things. Today that mystery hovers amongst the ruins of mud, stone and wood slowly melting back to the earth. It dwells in the creatures, the hills, the people of the old ways. It reveals itself through dance and ceremony. My intention here is not to document, but to celebrate and share my passion for my native land, her people and her creatures, and offer a glimpse of this ancient beauty and it fades into the mist of time.
-Robert Medina Cook

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